What is Drum and Bugle Corps? 

Drum and Bugle Corps is an original American art form. The beginning can be traced to veterans organizations such as the VFW and the American Legion, as well as organizations such as the Catholic Youth Organization. Soldiers returning from World War I celebrated Veterans Day and the Fourth of July by marching parades to the drum and the bugle, just as they had done during the war.

Drum and Bugle C
orps is a musical marching unit (similar to a marching band) consisting of brass instruments, percussion instruments, and color guard. Typically operating as independent non-profit organizations, drum corps perform in competitions, parades, festivals, and other civic functions


What is Windy City Legion?

Windy City Legion is a non-profrofit organization, formed in 2011 for the benefit of young musicians in the Chicagoland area not able to travel the extensive miles for, or could not meet the obligations required by, full time drum corps. Windy City Legion plans to perform in a number of parades and events during the months of November through August parallel to our rehearsal schedule and end the season at Drum Corps Associates Championships in Annapolis, MD.

The organization's vision is to create a healthy environment that allows young people to display great attitudes, winning strategies and a fearless commitment to become true ambassadors of the art of music pageantry. Our ultimate goal is for our members to become great performers, experienced leaders and exceptional citizens.

Windy City Legion focuses on the musicians living in the Chicagoland area of Illinois but is open to all regions for membership and will offer the members the chance to interact with the community and develop their leadership skills, travel the Midwest and compete at an unequaled level.

Our management team consists of a Board of Directors which will work closely with the Administrative Team of the Drum & Bugle Corps to develope a community organization to be proud of. In addition, our volunteers and parent boosters will help obtain the desired outcomes and supply the members with what they need to become true ambassadors of Music Pageantry.

The mission of Windy City Legion is to create performing arts programs which enrich the lives of young people through our commitment to the achievement of performance excellence. This commitment combined with participation in competitive Music Pageantry creates an educational environment where young people learn the important values of dedication, self-discipline, self-confidence, character and achievement. With this unique
experience, our young people will carry these key values back into the community.

Who can join?

Windy City Legion membership is open to any resident of the Chicagoland area and surrounding regions. Although there is no age restriction, it is suggested that anyone younger than 16 is sponsored by an older member or a parent who can act as a mentor and chaperon for the younger person.


What do I have to do to become a member of Windy City Legion?

There are Five basic requirements:

1.      Desire - The courage to become a true ambassador of music pageantry .

2.      Time - Our Program has been established to supplement the music education experience our members receive(d) in high school and college. It is important however that Windy City Legion members fully understand the commitment they are making to our organization in light of other obligations they may already have. Communication in this area is the key to your success. 

3.      Finances Uniform/Equipment Fees and Membership fees need to be considered. Membership fee will be $50 a month.

4.      Attitude - In general, membership with Windy City Legion is awarded to individuals who share out values and who display a willingness to work hard to achieve our mutual goals. A positive attitude is more important to us than "just" talent. 

5.      Health - Daily rehearsals, performances and travel make drum corps even more intense and demanding than many collegiate level sports. Your body must be capable of holding up under tremendously stressful physical conditions.


What does it cost to join the corps?

In addition to a uniform, equipment and transportation fees that are determined at the beginning of the season, Membership fees will be $50 a month.

Can parents become involved with the Windy City Legion?

YES!!  Parents, grandparents and other family members are encouraged to become part of the drum corps experience.  Drum Corps couldn’t operate year after year without the support of volunteers who drive our busses and trucks, cook meals, sew, sell t-shirts at shows, and keep our equipment in first-rate condition.  Volunteering with the corps, even for a weekend, will give you a solid understanding of the importance of this activity.  Everyone has skills that can make Windy City Legion am efficient and prosperous organization.  A variety of projects from uniforms to truck re-design are done at each camp and we can always use an extra hand! 

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