There are Five basic requirements:

1.          DESIRE - The courage to become a true ambassador of music pageantry .


2.         ATTITUDE - In general, membership with Windy City Legion is awarded to individuals who share out values and who display a willingness to work hard to achieve our mutual goals. A positive attitude is more important to us than "just" talent. 

3.            Health - Daily rehearsals, performances and travel make drum corps even more intense and demanding than many collegiate level sports. Your body must be capable of holding up under tremendously stressful physical conditions.

4.         TIME - Our Program has been established to supplement the music education experience our members receive(d) in high school and college. It is important however that Windy City Legion members fully understand the commitment they are making to our organization in light of other obligations they may already have. Communication in this area is the key to your success. In order to be considered for membership, you must be able to plan your personal and work schedule(s) so that you can participate in ALL corps functions November thru August (this includes employment, drivers training, summer school and all other non academic activities). Specific allowances for absence for winter rehearsals can be made if you phone or e-mail at least two weeks before any function. The summer season begin in early June and the season culminates in September with an appearance at the Drum Corps Associates World Championships. This weekend long series of cometitions showcases corps of all shapes and sizes and boasts one of the finest solo and ensemble contests on the planet.

5.        FINANCESFinances are a major concern for all drum corps.  Drum and bugle corps are non-profit organizations and most groups run on rather expensive annual budgets. Windy City Legion generates income through corps performance fees, membership dues, and other related fees.  Fees for the marching season for 2012 are set at $700.00  per marching member.



Membership recruitment is an on going process, fall being the best time to join to get a full rehearsal season but members are accepted all year long. Windy City Legion membership is open to any resident of the Chicagoland area and surrounding regions. Although there is no age restriction, it is suggested that anyone younger than 16 is sponsored by an older member or a parent who can act as a mentor and chaperon for the younger person.


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